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Important features to consider when choosing a book light

Books are the treasure of human knowledge. And reading books has become a cultural beauty of mankind for a long time. Reading helps people expand and improve knowledge. From there, they can develop themselves more completely and form the beauty of the human behavioral culture. Besides the benefits of knowledge, reading also helps us relax and relieve stress in life.

Therefore, For those who like to read and have regular reading habits, they are often interested in choosing a quality book light that best suits their needs and preferences. A quality book light is a light that can help readers read for a long time without eye pressure and can make them feel comfortable and relaxed during reading. Besides, a book lamp with a unique design and many other additional features is more and more popular. So, do you know which aspects you need to consider when choosing a book light?

In today’s article, I will present some important features that you need to view when choosing a book light for yourself. From there, you can choose a light that suits your needs. Alright, I won’t make you wait any longer. Let’s start exploring together right below.

Light and brightness

The first and most important feature that you need to consider when choosing a book light or all types of lights is the brightness of it. For example, a light with low light will cause eyestrain and affect the reader’s performance quickly. And a book light with too high brightness also makes the reader feel uncomfortable because of its glare. Therefore, choosing an appropriate brightness is important that determines the feeling when reading the reader. Choose the right brightness will help you comfortable, not tired eyes when reading for a long time and especially can protect your eyes from eye-related diseases such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, …

According to the results of my surveys, choosing colors for light bulbs is based on the needs of each person. For example, if you want to read before going to sleep, you should choose a light bulb with warm colors. The cold color of the light bulb will make you uncomfortable while reading.

Currently, the book lights set up the function of adjusting the brightness of the lights. From there, you can easily select the most suitable light at different times of the day. Moreover, most of the book lamps on the market today use LED bulbs, this is the most energy-saving option that you can rest assured when choosing it.

Storage, portability, and aesthetics

In the past, manufacturers have not focused on designing or equipping portable features for book lights. However, now due to the continuous development of society, manufacturers have developed and continually improved on the features for the best book lights. For example, the book light is now quite compact and you can move it anywhere if you need it, especially when traveling. You only need to put it in your bag. Besides, the lights are also focused on design and style. Specifically, besides reading books, many people use lamps to decorate their living spaces more beautifully and attractively.

Next, you can choose a light with a hinge design to prevent a slip or soft gooseneck to easily move the light to the position on the page you want to read. The lamp body can bend and fold due to the hinge structure, which also makes it easy to store and move the lamp.

Unique style and features

As I said above, nowadays designers are very focused on designing book lights to be convenient for users. For example, do you want to read a book in bed? Besides, using book lights placed on the table, nowadays, there are types of book lights that can be hung on the wall for you to easily choose.

When choosing a book light, you should choose a lampshade that is flexible and easy to rotate or not. The standard lampshade part is a lampshade that is designed to not block too much light but not to let too much light cause glare.

Moreover, there are now many models of lights that you can mount right into the book for easier reading. Besides, some lights also come with useful features, like a timer that can turn off automatically if you fall asleep.

Power source

The last criterion that you should not overlook when selecting a book light is its power source. You should choose a book light that comes with a battery charger. Specifically, you should use a removable AAA battery. Besides, you need to pay attention to the light time is long or not? You should not choose a flashlight that needs to be charged regularly. Because continuous charging can damage your book light quickly.

In conclusion

I have completed presenting some of the criteria and notes that you need to consider when selecting a book light for yourself or your family members. I hope that the information I have provided will help you in choosing a light that best suits your needs. Finally, Thank you for taking the time to read through this article. Have a nice day.

The different features between the pointed beak pliers and electricity pliers

It can be seen that the pliers are so popular and applied widely in many different areas of our society. This is the name that many of us know this device. Nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, people have invented a lot of modern devices and machines that have high applications in our life. The modern devices and machines play an important role in the development of many countries in the world. I think that the pliers are one of the most important devices that we have already had nowadays. So in this article, I will show you some prominent features about the function and structure of the pointed beak pliers and electricity pliers. Let’s follow my article here.

It can not deny that the pointed beak pliers and electricity pliers are the most popular nowadays. We can see each of them in most of the device stores all over the world. That is the reason why I write this article. We all know that there are so many pliers on the market nowadays with different functions, structures, and sizes. So that makes us stand before an overwhelming choice to select the best pliers set for our needs. However, in this article, I will introduce to you the similarity and difference in the functions and structures of the electricity pliers and pointed beak pliers.


The similarity and difference in the structure

Generally, the structure of the pointed beak pliers is quite similar to electricity pliers. Both of the electricity pliers and pointed beak pliers include two main parts that are the head and the body of the pliers. The body of them is made of the high- quality plastic that has good insulation ability. So it is very safe for users to use in life. Moreover, the head of the electricity pliers and pointed beak pliers is made of hard steel so they are highly resistant and durable over time. However, they have some different features in the structure. The head of the pointed beak pliers is sharper and longer than electric pliers. Because each plier will have different structures to be appropriate with the functions of each plier.

The similarity and difference in the function

The electricity pliers and pointed beak pliers are different and similar not only the structure but also the function. When we see the name of each plier, we can guess the difference and similarity between them. So I will introduce to you some general difference and similarity about the function between them here.

  • The electricity pliers and pointed beak pliers are very easy and safe to use in life: why did I say that? Because the pointed beak pliers and electricity pliers are designed with a compact and simple form, it is very easy for us to use. Both of them are very popular and useful in many important areas of society such as the electricity works, mechanical works, and telecommunication works. Moreover, the electronic pliers and pointed beak pliers can be considered as two of the most important tools in the box tool of the electricians and mechanics in life. With the electronic pliers, we can divide it into two main types including the insulated pliers and non-insulated pliers. The insulated pliers are suitable for the electricians and another type is suitable for the mechanics.
  • The electricity pliers and pointed beak pliers are the handheld tools that are designed to hold objects firmly. Moreover, both of them are also useful for bending and compressing a wide range of materials. The electricity pliers and pointed beak pliers are designed to cut, bend, compress, and clip small materials. They are very convenient and useful in our life. thanks to them, we can work easier and more effective.
  • The pointed beak pliers and electronic pliers bring us high efficiency. It can be seen that although the pointed beak pliers and electronic pliers are different from the structures, both of them play an important role in our life. Besides, they are applied widely in many important fields of our society. With the pointed beak pliers, because it is designed with a long head and sharper, this tool can keep and hold small materials that we can be difficult to see by our eyes. Besides, this tool is also suitable for working in narrow places. The electronic pliers also bring us a lot of advantages. Firstly, electronic pliers help us cut the cord faster and easier. Besides, this tool is one of the most important tools of each electrician because it can work in high altitudes.

In conclusion

We can see that the electronic pliers and pointed beak pliers are very useful in our life. Although they have some difference in structure and function, they are the best choices for us to work with. I think we should choose one of them or both of them to use.

JAPANESE woodcarving chisel TOPMAN Review: Only $12.50 is it good?

TOPMAN is a familiar brand for Japanese people as well as carpentry lovers. We cannot deny the meticulous and careful of Japanese especially in the process of creating sharp products like a knife, scissors, saw, etc. One of them is excellent wood chisel products with good designs and quality. Today, our product is JAPANESE WOODCARVING CHISEL 6PC SET No 1278-006 (TOPMAN). For only ~ $ 12.50.

I have a huge passion for wood. I love the wooden objects created by myself. Immerse yourself in the feeling of grinding, chiseling and making a specific wooden product even though it is not so excellent, but it gives a sense of achievement and happiness. Therefore, to create a beautiful and functional looking product as well as feel comfortable in the process of creating products. I was very considerate to choose the best tools that make the processing time have fun and not delayed and frustrated by a poor quality tool.

One of the points that I realized when choosing those products is models and brands. You will be very susceptible to make a mistake that does not look carefully at the information of the product. The fake and poor quality products they have are incredibly similar in appearance and packaging to the real product as our product today, the familiar set made of Taiwan but the quality is not good, it easy to break and its chiseled blade is chipped. That product is copied in a very sophisticated way, just glancing you will think that it is the product you need, but NO, you are wrong, read the product name carefully and you will know where.

To confirm once more about the quality of the product, let me find out more details about it.



JAPANESE WOODCARVING CHISEL 6PC SET consists of 6 chisels with different chisel sizes. Light yellow packaging, 6 products placed on a cover sheet with product name and information. Personally, this is a kind of packaging that is quite simple and not as beautiful as the chisel that I had. Maybe because the color doesn’t impress me that is one reason why the price of this product is so cheap as compared to other sets made from Japan, the price only $12.50 is very low for 1 set of 6 units.


A chisel will consist of a yellow wooden handle with submerged lines, which surrounds the handle, creating certainty when handling and using. However, this handle will be a bit small, it will not be suitable for those with big hands. This is a disadvantage of this product.

Connected to the handle is a chiseled blade. Zoom in it you will find this chisel blade is super thin and sharp. Excellent brightness and shine, beautiful. According to the packaging, this blade has a special feature that is Heat treated blade

6 The chisel is sized





Regarding the sharpness and stiffness of the chisel, I am sure that you will not be disappointed by buying them. Overall, the quality of the chisel blade is good, not chipped, used very softly, the surface after being chiseled very beautifully and smooth. The handle is firm.

After a period of use, I am sure that the chiseled blade and handle will not fall or break, this is a normal problem when you buy poor quality goods. However, with this product, I guarantee that it’s not or you must use it for a long time before this problem occurs.


  • Cheap price for a set of 6 chisels with different uses
  • A good quality, thin, hard and sharp blade
  • Handle firmly, not slippery when wet hands
  • A quality pick for micro-level works.


  • The handle is small in size
  • Not a great fit for wide and large workpieces.


This product will be great if you use to chisel or sculpt small details of a product. I was amazed at the quality of this product at a very low price and a famous brand. I recommend this product for those who new are practicing with wood.

Moisture Meter Parameters


In the woodworking industry, the moisture meter has always found its place on an important position compared to other tools that be used by the workers or the labors to check all the kind of information about the situation around the logs. For those reasons, it is necessary for an article to talk about the details of a moisture meter to remind the carpenters that there is still a tool they should not bypass by accident. This article will provide an insightful look at the best moisture meter and raise the author’s voice.


First, I will dig into how the best moisture meter works, and then I will give you the details of it later right after that. For the working part, the moisture parameter seems to easy to be used by all the people has been trained for a long time by the specific schools of woodworking. Thus, because of the two nails on the top of the tool, it is necessary to damage the object that needs to be found the moisture level by two little holes. However, there is no need to worry because it will not make the whole structure of the logs down to the low. Now, let us move to some of the parameters that need your attention:

– Runs on a 9V battery. It is necessary that the battery has to be enough for a long day of work because you will not have a second chance to charge it until the late night, so 9V is over enough for any users’ purposes. Therefore, the regular pin in the market with no charging option can be continuously used up to 1 month, so there is no doubt that the 9V pin is suitable for any circumstance.

– LCD easy to read. For this upgrade, we can see the technology can be applied by the factory in every part of the woodworking industry, this is, for instance. With the LCD screen to read, woodworkers nowadays and the professors can easily access to the high-tech information without the mechanical physic meters on the device. What an upgrade!

– Perfect meter for contractors and homeowners. This is the lowest point that all the best moisture meter need to have on their feature to provide all the good to the users, especially when they have the desire to do all the job in the perfect circumstance.

– The pins are sharp and made out of stainless steel, which means that you can easily penetrate sturdier surfaces. You can also use this meter to measure the levels of water in areas that were affected by flooding. This way, you can make building projects much safer. Not only is this moisture meter top quality, but it is also pretty affordable, which means that it will suit your budget.

– Detects moisture in wood, concrete, and more. The variety is an additional point for this moisture meter in term of quality and usefulness. The best moisture meter is the device that can do all the job, scan all the moisture in all kind of surface.

– Offers four different material modes. This is also a useful feature of the woodworking factory to the carpenters because it will help them to choose which are the best choice for them in the specific environment of work, such as outside the sunshine or in the room of water, or even outside the sea or ocean as well.


All in all, the moisture meter is the necessity for all the woodworkers who want to master and do the woodworking as well as carven in advance. As a result, the purchase of moisture meter is totally worth the investment to get the perfect project to be done by the hand of the labors who do not have enough information to decide the moisture level of the material they are working with.

Buying the Best Woodworking Book

There is nothing wrong if someone says that it is the best time to be a woodworker. There are plenty of power tools that make difficult tasks easier and therefore you can finish those jobs faster. However, it is not the tools that make someone the best woodworker. People improve their crafting skills with proper training and experience. That’s why if a woodworker from the past suddenly appears in 2019, he will struggle more with a coffeemaker machine than modern tools.

The basic woodworking principles are still the same. Even if a newbie acquires a number of cutting-edge woodworking tools, he will need to learn basic tenets of woodworking to become a well-versed artisan. It is a fact that everyone cannot find a great trainer, but the best woodworking book can help you in learning how to cut, craft, and shape wood to create an appealing object. Continue reading and you will reveal what type of content a woodworking book offers.

It teaches you how to begin a woodworking project:

It is okay if there is no one to train you and you want to take your hands on some DIY woodworking jobs or become a professional woodworker. The best woodworking books will teach you how to initiate and finish a project. You will learn basic things about the tools and techniques of using those tools.

The first and the most important thing you will learn is how to maintain your safety. You will learn how to properly use woodworking tools in order to avoid both minor and major injuries. There will be some small projects, to begin with. You will learn how to choose your tools, the wood, and other things when starting your first project.

You get projects that help you in improving your woodworking skills:

Every project requires the same basic woodworking tools. However, you learn the importance of more advanced tools with every passing day. The best woodworking book not only explains the functions of different tools but also provides you with examples. You learn when you need those tools and why it is important to buy those tools.

Yes, it takes time to become a skilful woodworker. You may probably spend years with those tools and woods if you do not have a trainer. That time can reduce rapidly if you own the best woodworking book. It will make woodworking much simpler and quite an enjoyable job for you. You would love to spend more time with the wood in your workshop when you will try to shape some wooden planks into a beautiful object.

How to choose the best woodworking book?

Although a lot of things are said about what does a woodworking book contains, some might puzzle with choosing the best woodworking book. You should check a few important things before you place the order for that book, which is as follows:

  • Choose a book that provides material as per your needs:

It makes no sense if you are a beginner and you get a book that is designed to teach intermediate level woodworkers. Do not let it be a horrible experience for you. You should carefully check what kind of material is shared in the book before you buy it. That’s how you will know which book is featuring the best content as per your learning needs and which one is not perfect for your demands.

  • Who is the author?

Many experts have shared their experience and thoughts in the form of woodworking books. Some authors provide innovative ways of finishing a job and some simply focus on how, to begin with, woodworking. You should ensure you are choosing an author who is well-versed and skilled enough to train others. The author must provide a detailed guide on tools that you are going to use.

  • Can you get what is written in the book?

Beginners may find it very difficult to understand if the book explains things in a difficult language. Your chosen book must explain everything in a simple way so that you can implement the methods accurately when working on your projects.

Price should not be an issue when it comes to learning woodworking skills. Invest your money in a book that is written to turn beginners into intermediate level woodworkers and intermediate level woodworkers into a top-skilled craftsman.