JAPANESE woodcarving chisel TOPMAN Review: Only $12.50 is it good?

TOPMAN is a familiar brand for Japanese people as well as carpentry lovers. We cannot deny the meticulous and careful of Japanese especially in the process of creating sharp products like a knife, scissors, saw, etc. One of them is excellent wood chisel products with good designs and quality. Today, our product is JAPANESE WOODCARVING CHISEL 6PC SET No 1278-006 (TOPMAN). For only ~ $ 12.50.

I have a huge passion for wood. I love the wooden objects created by myself. Immerse yourself in the feeling of grinding, chiseling and making a specific wooden product even though it is not so excellent, but it gives a sense of achievement and happiness. Therefore, to create a beautiful and functional looking product as well as feel comfortable in the process of creating products. I was very considerate to choose the best tools that make the processing time have fun and not delayed and frustrated by a poor quality tool.

One of the points that I realized when choosing those products is models and brands. You will be very susceptible to make a mistake that does not look carefully at the information of the product. The fake and poor quality products they have are incredibly similar in appearance and packaging to the real product as our product today, the familiar set made of Taiwan but the quality is not good, it easy to break and its chiseled blade is chipped. That product is copied in a very sophisticated way, just glancing you will think that it is the product you need, but NO, you are wrong, read the product name carefully and you will know where.

To confirm once more about the quality of the product, let me find out more details about it.



JAPANESE WOODCARVING CHISEL 6PC SET consists of 6 chisels with different chisel sizes. Light yellow packaging, 6 products placed on a cover sheet with product name and information. Personally, this is a kind of packaging that is quite simple and not as beautiful as the chisel that I had. Maybe because the color doesn’t impress me that is one reason why the price of this product is so cheap as compared to other sets made from Japan, the price only $12.50 is very low for 1 set of 6 units.


A chisel will consist of a yellow wooden handle with submerged lines, which surrounds the handle, creating certainty when handling and using. However, this handle will be a bit small, it will not be suitable for those with big hands. This is a disadvantage of this product.

Connected to the handle is a chiseled blade. Zoom in it you will find this chisel blade is super thin and sharp. Excellent brightness and shine, beautiful. According to the packaging, this blade has a special feature that is Heat treated blade

6 The chisel is sized





Regarding the sharpness and stiffness of the chisel, I am sure that you will not be disappointed by buying them. Overall, the quality of the chisel blade is good, not chipped, used very softly, the surface after being chiseled very beautifully and smooth. The handle is firm.

After a period of use, I am sure that the chiseled blade and handle will not fall or break, this is a normal problem when you buy poor quality goods. However, with this product, I guarantee that it’s not or you must use it for a long time before this problem occurs.


  • Cheap price for a set of 6 chisels with different uses
  • A good quality, thin, hard and sharp blade
  • Handle firmly, not slippery when wet hands
  • A quality pick for micro-level works.


  • The handle is small in size
  • Not a great fit for wide and large workpieces.


This product will be great if you use to chisel or sculpt small details of a product. I was amazed at the quality of this product at a very low price and a famous brand. I recommend this product for those who new are practicing with wood.

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